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Golf’s Greatest Technology? You Be The Judge

Train Your Body To Memorize A Great Swing
Quickly — Easily — Automatically

An Entirely New Approach To Learning The Golf Swing.

Traditional ways of learning a good golf swing have never been very effective.

The latest teaching technologies are truly amazing. High speed video, launch monitors and swing analyzers offer you more data than NASA uses to launch a space shuttle.

We didn't think that's what golfers wanted . . . or needed.

What every golfer actually wants is to groove a swing that consistently delivers the long, accurate shots that feel so awesome.

And they want it quickly, easily and with a minimum of effort. Right?

Donald Crawley, Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructor, Boulders Golf Resort, Cave Creek, AZ

The Reason Golfers Continue To Struggle

The average handicap hasn’t changed in over 50 years. Dozens of new technologies in all types of equipment and instruction yet golfers continue to struggle. What gives?

The only way to lock a great swing into muscle memory is to repeat THAT swing consistently. Everyone knows that! Yet the way golfers learn the golf swing hasn't changed in, well, forever.

That’s what gave us the inspiration to develop the Swing Jacket - the only technology that physically guides you through a great swing.

It lets you FEEL how a great swing actually FEELS, shot after shot.

So if you’ve struggled to groove a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing then, read on. You'll be shocked at how easy it's going to be for you to add distance, accuracy and consistency without having to dedicate yourself to the "process" as Tiger likes to call it.

We've Made Developing A Great Swing So Simple...

What's the fastest way to lower your scores?

Imagine how quickly your game would improve if you could magically step into the body of a PGA Tour pro with a great swing and experience what a powerful, accurate, on-plane swing actually FEELS like, shot after shot.

How quickly would your handicap drop if you consistently repeated a swing like THAT?

The challenge with traditional learning methods is that no matter how you try to improve your swing YOU have to do all the 'work'.

You take a lesson, get a tip from a video or magazine. Then YOU have to figure out how that relates to your swing and then YOU have to consciously try to change your swing to make the change.

Imagine how easy it would be to lock a great swing into muscle memory if all you had to do was make swings without thinking about it.


The Swing Jacket takes a completely different approach to helping you memorize a great swing.

By physically guiding you through each swing it does all the thinking, all that 'work' for you. You just swing and the Swing Jacket works - automatically.

And by making each swing so consistent you lock that powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory in no time. Fast, Easy Automatic.


I've Added 15 - 20 Yards/Club After Only 3 Sessions

"I just wanted to write in and say what a great training aid this Swing Jacket is. I've been on the range just 3 times with it so far and my ball flight is more tru and I've gained 15-20 per club! I just broke 40 for the first time and shot my career best of 83! I can't say enough about this product except I wish I had purchased it sooner! Thanks Swing Jacket!!" Sincerely, Neal Justice, Rocky Mount N.C.


$2.8 Million R&D Project Solves Golf's Biggest Riddle

Ken Holmes.mpg.Still001

To develop a technology that would help every golfer experience the FEEL of a great swing we invested $2.8 Million to launch a one-of-a-kind research project.

Unlike every other golf equipment company our R&D was solely focused on improving YOU, the golfer. It took us 2.5 years and 52 prototypes before we'd nailed the design. Our research focused on:

  • The bio-mechanics of an efficient, easy-to-repeat golf swing
  • How the fundamentals of the best ball strikers differ from those of amateur golfers
  • How athletes develop muscle memory

We hired the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory. Working with some of the brightest minds in bio-mechanics, physiology, kinesiology and human motion performance we set out to solve golf's toughest riddle — how does the average golfer develop a high performance golf swing quickly, easily, automatically?

We analyzed the golf swings of the best ball strikers and compared them with amateur golfers. We found that all the best swings share two core fundamentals. Fundamentals that allow them to produce the effortless power and consistency they're known for.

We then engineered the Swing Jacket to guide you through a swing based on those fundamentals. And as you already know, the better your swing, the better your results. So with the Swing Jacket you'll see results in minutes.

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Watch The Swing Jacket in Action

We met Dale at the spectacular Seven Canyons Golf Course in Sedona, AZ. Like a lot of golfers Dale is self taught. Having never taken a lesson he really didn’t know how a good swing should feel.

He’d played sports competitively his entire life so he loved the challenge of besting his buddies and the bragging rights that went along with it. His lack of consistency was a constant source of frustration his pals teased him about relentlessly.

After just 3 swings with the Swing Jacket Dale was hitting his driver 20 – 30 yards further with the consistency that had always eluded him.

When asked if he would let his pals know how he’d improved his distance and consistency so quickly he make it clear “this is my little secret”.

An Easy Way to Memorize A Great Swing

Dale gains distance & accuracy in minutes

What Do the Experts Think of the Swing Jacket?

The Toughest Equipment Critics At Top Magazines Test The Swing Jacket


"A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers"

"The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing -- a key move amongst most good ball strikers."

"One of the best" Four Star Rating

"A leading cause of power loss is "disconnection" -- the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many aids try to teach "connection" and the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement."

You KNOW You Could Play Better - Much Better

If you're like most golfers you know you could play to a much higher level.

How do you know? Because you've hit some truly amazing shots. Long - Accurate - Awe-inspiring.

You know the shots. The ball seems to explode off the club face headed directly at the target. Yet the impact is so pure all you feel is this intoxicating surge of power through your entire body. WHAT A FEELING!

And every time you hit a shot like that you silently wish you could repeat THAT swing, shot after shot. You're not alone. We all do it.

We all realize that the only thing standing between us and far better play is a better swing. A simple swing with a minimum of moving parts so its easy to repeat consistently. A swing that harnesses the power of your core so it produces that intoxicating power.

Everything working together like a beautifully choreographed ballet. Flawless.

Imagine being able to lock a swing that delivers those great shots into muscle memory without having to work at it. You'd be playing the best golf of your life in no time.

Wilbur 9th tee 7 CanyonsfullSQ2

Take A Great Swing For A Test Drive Today


The Swing Jacket gives you the opportunity to take a great swing for a test drive. To experience a connected, on-plane swing without having to think about your swing mechanics.

Hit full shots with every club in your bag. Notice how quickly your new, improved swing adds 20, 30 even 50 yards to every shot. Marvel at your accuracy. Revel in your consistency.

You'll be shocked at how quickly your body memorizes that FEEL and how your confidence improves with every swing you take.

Results guaranteed or you pay nothing!

We back every Swing Jacket with our 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee. If you aren't playing the best golf of your life, if you don't add 20, 30 even 50 yards to your tee shots, if you're not hitting more fairways and greens than ever before then simply return your Swing Jacket for a full refund, no questions asked.

Worried that you'll have to spend a bunch of time on the range beating balls before you'll see results? Not to worry. The Swing Jacket makes each swing so consistent you'll see results in no time.

In fact, you'll enjoy impressive gains even if all you do is take practice swings with your Swing Jacket at home, with or without hitting balls. Your pals won't know what hit 'em when you all of a sudden start launching those towering drives we all love to hit.

Feel a PGA Tour-level swing with the Swing Jacket NOW!

To give you a sense of what it's like to use the Swing Jacket, imagine stepping inside the body of a Tour player to experience the feel of a powerful, connected, on-plane swing first hand! That’s what it feels like each time you use the patented Swing Jacket!

No more trial and error. No more thinking about your mechanics. You just swing … and the Swing Jacket automatically guides you through the correct motion, shot after shot. What could be easier or more effective?

Click on the Start Here button below and get ready to start playing the best golf of your life.

Use Coupon Code "GMTA" and save $40 off the regular price of $179.95 PLUS get free shipping and bonus items.




      • Swing Jacket Tour Edition (Fits 36" - 53" chest sizes; Small fits 26" - 40")
      • Swing for Life Video (Easy Online Access) - Customers tell us this is the most helpful golf Video they've ever watched. Expect many AH HA moments as we explain how the Swing Jacket will help you get the most out of your game.


      • Accelerator Video (Easy Online Access) This powerful Video will teach you the secrets Tour Players and top instructors use to interpret ball flight patterns for a better understanding of your swing and how to gain further improvement. (Value = $49.95)
      • TourStop Technology - allows you to customize your sessions for your game
      • Designer carrying bag
      • $40 Dollars off when using coupon code.
      • Unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee - no questions asked
      • Telephone/Video Support from our Expert Teaching Staff
      • Free Ground shipping in the USA

Available for Right and Left Handed golfers. Choose your configuration during checkout.

Not convinced the Swing Jacket can transform your game?

Click HERE to watch videos of a dozen golfers trying the Swing Jacket for the first time. We show you all their swings so you can easily judge for yourself if the Swing Jacket is as effective as we're suggesting.

Click HERE to learn more about the science behind the Swing Jacket and to completely understand how it is THE most effective and efficient way to improve your game.

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