Seems Every Golfer Wants a One Plane Golf Swing

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People have been trying to emulate Ben Hogan’s highly effective one plane swing for decades.  Why? The distance, accuracy and especially the consistency that made him so successful.  The illustration on the right from his book “Five Lessons” shows his ‘secret’ was staying on a consistent swing plane throughout his swing.

Top golf instructors are now saying the one plane swing is the optimal swing for men and women of every age, skill level and physical condition.  Some, like Jim Hardy, believe you can’t play to your full potential until you have a one plane swing.



Jim Hardy, author of “The Plane Truth For Golfers” is a leading authority on the differences between a one plane golf swing and a two plane swing. Tom Farrell interviewed Mr. Hardy for Colorado Golf Magazine.
Speaking about a two plane swing Hardy said “The problem is, you can get an average player to the point of playing ‘nice golf’ but to take the game any further they need to develop power and it is very hard to put all the elements together without extremely intensive practice and talent”.
“Ben Hogan invented the one plane swing. He was the first to tip his shoulders at an angle and swing them, the arms, the hands and golf club on a single plane. What this does is eliminate the extreme timing element required of the classic (two plane) golf swing. Hardy began teaching this method to some of his students but it wasn’t until he was introduced to the Swing Jacket that he felt “he had the ultimate instruction tool. All of a sudden anyone can feel the essential connection of the arms to the body turn. This is a major major thing. … the feeling that Swing Jacket gives to golfers of all abilities is something that you can’t otherwise teach.” Click Here to Read the Full Colorado Golf Article

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Simple − Powerful − Repeatable − Elegant

The patented Swing Jacket makes grooving a connected, one plane swing a breeze because it does all the work for you.  Arm cuffs on your biceps won’t allow you to get off-plane or to disconnect.  You’ll FEEL the positions and sequences of a perfect one plane swing rather than having to try to create that feel through trial and error.  The Swing Jacket makes each swing so consistent it locks that motion into muscle memory in minutesThere is no faster, easier or more effective way to learn a one plane swing.

How Do Tour Pros Groove A One Plane Swing?

Competition on the PGA Tour is so intense Tour players can’t afford down time while they make a swing change. More than 50 PGA Tour players (and 100,000 amateurs just like you) have turned to the Swing Jacket to make the transition to a one plane golf swing quickly and efficiently.  5 of them won Tour events within weeks of making the Swing Jacket part of their training regime.

The Swing Jacket will train you to repeat a connected, one plane swing so quickly and easily you’ll wish you had done this a long time ago.

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Why Should You Consider A One Plane Swing?

• It’s a simple motion — so it’s easier to learn and repeat consistently           (click blue text to read more)

• It’s more efficient — so it develops greater power with less effort

• It generates more rotational energy — so you release the club like a Pro

It’s a better bio-mechanical motion — so it’s easier on your body

Here’s Why Swing Plane Is Critical To Your Success



Most amateur golfers try to generate club head speed with their arms and hands rather than rotating the body. It’s a natural response but doing so instantly disconnects your swing and takes it off-plane − so you are slapping at the ball rather than hitting it. This disconnection is the root cause of all major swing flaws.

Humans are incredibly athletic.  So the instant your swing gets out of position (disconnected or off plane) your natural athleticism intervenes, mid-swing, and tries to re-route your club back to get it back into position. Common swing flaws like over-the-top, casting, inside-out, outside-in, reverse pivots, chicken wings etc. are examples of the clever ways golfers’ bodies intervene.

These mid-swing ‘tweeks’ make the swing unnecessarily complex so the average golfer is not as consistent as they’d prefer. Worse, as long as your swing is off-plane or disconnected your efforts to improve will be frustrated by your body’s natural instinct to intervene. If you have struggled to develop an efficient, repeatable swing perhaps its because you’ve been fighting against your own athleticism.

As you can see in the photos to the left, the Swing Jacket automatically guides you through a connected, one plane swing. Now anyone can FEEL the positions and sequences of a simple, efficient one plane swing with every swing they take. And because each swing is so consistent your muscles memorize the motion in minutes.

Best of all, the athleticism that’s been intervening mid-swing will realize there’s no longer a need to re-route the club so it focuses on memorizing your powerful, accurate new swing.

We’ll Do ALL The Work, You Enjoy The Great Results

Distance, accuracy, consistency and easy to repeat. Who wouldn’t want a one plane swing? Until now, making even the smallest swing change was daunting. The challenge with traditional training techniques is they require YOU to do all the work.

YOU have to figure out what you need to change, then YOU have to consciously manipulate (or mutilate) some part of your swing to try to implement the change, and, if it works, YOU have to try to repeat the new move consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory. No wonder the average handicap hasn’t changed in over 50 years!

The patented Swing Jacket makes it easy to develop a one plane swing because it does all the ‘thinking’, all that work for you. You simply strap it on and swing. It effortlessly guides you through a simple, repeatable, one plane swing. No swing thoughts, no more ‘trying’ to get better. Now in the time you take to warm up before a round you could be grooving a powerful, accurate one plane swing. It’s automatic, could it be any easier?

Arm cuffs attached to your biceps slide along computer designed rails physically guiding you through a connected, on-plane swing — PERFECTLY. You’ll feel on-plane, you’ll feel connection, you’ll feel release with every swing you take. Whether your hitting full shots on the range with any club in your bag or practicing in the privacy of your home or back yard, each swing you take will be training your muscles to repeat that motion out on the links.

Amateur Golf Learns A One Plane Swing

Al had been trying to cure his slice for decades.  He’d tried everything – lessons, books, videos, other training aids.  In his 60′s Al thought he was too old to learn a new swing because he was no longer willing to put in the time he thought it would take.  Watch how quickly his body responds when the Swing Jacket guides him through a connected, one plane swing.  His chicken wing and the weak slice he had struggled with vanished after a few practice swings.  He started hitting the longest drives of his life.  Imagine enjoying results like this with your first Swing Jacket session.

The Science Behind a Better Golf Swing

We spent over 2.5 years on R&D working with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory. Analyzing the golf swings of the best ball strikers we realized they all share two core fundamentals. Fundamentals that are critical to you playing your best and will eliminate swing flaws that may have plagued you for years.

The Swing Jacket was engineered to automatically train your body to make those fundamentals the foundation of your swing. 52 prototypes were evaluated on almost 200 golfers before we’d nailed the configuration of the rails. We can now confidently say that no matter your age, sex, athleticism, strength, flexibility…no matter what, the Swing Jacket is going to guide you to the best golf of your life.


Your Swing Jacket comes with two exceptional DVD’s that will ensure you get the most out of your Swing Jacket and out of your game. In addition to learning to repeat a powerful, connected on-plane swing you’ll learn how the Swing Jacket will help you master your short game (chipping, pitching, sand shots and those difficult half wedge shots).

Over 100,000 happy customers tell us the Swing Jacket is the solution they’d been looking for. A quick, easy, automatic way to develop an efficient, accurate, repeatable swing and lock it into muscle memory.

The Swing Jacket is so effective we’re the only golf equipment company to offer a 90 day, unconditional Great Swing Guarantee. So you have plenty of time to get the results we promise and more importantly make sure the Swing Jacket is going to be a product you’ll continue to use any time your swing feels a little ‘off’ or you are ready to take your game to yet another level.

Swing Jacket
I've been on the range just 3 times with the Swing Jacket so far and my ball flight is more true and I have gained 15-20 yards per club! I just broke 40 for the first time and shot my career best of 83!

Plus, we back that our guarantee with free support. If you’re not hitting the ball better than EVER with your Swing Jacket we’ll coach you via Skype, telephone or on-line. If your handicap is not falling we expect to hear from you. That’s how effective the Swing Jacket is.


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