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No Complicated Instructions – No Swing Thoughts

The Swing Jacket Guides You Through Each Swing - Perfectly.

Golf Life TV, Fox Sport's Nationally Syndicated Golf Lifestyle TV Show

  Puts the Swing Jacket to the test on 5 amateur golfers


You'll Be Shocked At How Simple This Is

"I practiced in my living room 30 minutes/day for 2 days . . . then dropped 21 shots off my score."

"Most people wouldn't get too excited about shooting a 99, but to go from 120 to 99 on the same course with absolutely no practice other than swinging in my living room for 2 days was hard to believe.  Thanks for giving me a swing aid that really, honestly works."
Jim C. Cary, NC

Bio-Mechanics Of A Perfect Golf Swing

We studied the swings of the best ball strikers of all time. We discovered they all share two core fundamentals — their swings are connected/in sync and they stay on a consistent swing plane.

Their prodigious distance comes from harnessing the power of their core. 

Accuracy and consistency come from staying on plane.

It took 2.5 years of R&D, $2.7 million and 52 prototypes to engineer a technology that's going to physically guide you through a swing that shares those fundamentals. 

So instead of thinking about what you're 'supposed' to do, you're going to FEEL what a great swing actually feels like — shot after shot.

The Problem With Most Amateur’s Swings?

Most amateurs' swings are neither connected nor on-plane. They tend to slap at the ball with their hands and arms rather than harnessing the power of their core.

As a result, their swings lack power and accuracy.  And with so many moving parts their swings are more complicated — so it's tougher to repeat consistently.

Top Instructor Shocked By "Miraculous" Results

Jeff Ritter is a Golf Digest staff instructor and a member of the prestigious top 100 instructors.

Having taught thousands of students at locations around the world he's seen it all. 

His instructional videos have been featured by Golf Digest, Golf Channel and Izod Golf.

We invited him to join us as 4 amateur golfers tried the Swing Jacket for the first time.

Impressing him was going to take something very special.  See what happened . . .

Click in the image above to watch this interesting video

Amateur Testimonials

My slice is gone! AND I'm 8 strokes better

I was slicing the ball all over the place... then I put on the Swing Jacket and instantly whacked my 6 iron about 170 yards straight down the middle. This product actually works as advertised." D Augmon, San Jose, CA ....Read More

I  dropped 21 shots off my score in 2 days

Most people wouldn't get too excited about shooting a 99, but to go from 120 to 99 on the same course with absolutely no practice other than swinging in my living room for 2 days was hard to believe. . . this aid really honestly works"  Jim C., Cary, NC....Read More

Addresses every swing flaw I've had 

"I got the swing jacket in today. I have to say that I love it. I really love the tour stops. I'm excited to have this tool at my disposal to guide me through the proper swing mechanics & simplify everything." Chris C
....Read More

How Can It Be So Effective?

When Nothing Else Seems to Work

The Swing Jacket takes a completely different approach to training your body. An approach that:

  • Aligns with the way you've always learned physical skills
  • Simplifies everything about your game
  • Actually makes it difficult for you to make a bad swing
  • Does all the thinking, all the 'work' for you

Until now improving your game was ALL UP TO YOU.

Whether you took a lesson, read something, watched a video etc.  YOU had to figure out how you needed to change your swing and try to consciously manipulate (mutilate?) your mechanics. Here's why that technique has failed most golfers:

  • The golf swing is the most complicated motion in all of sports
    • You can't think your way through the swing
  • Everything is inter-related - arms, hands, hips, shoulders
    • So a change in one area will affect many others
  • Your natural athleticism intervenes automatically when your swing gets out of position (disconnected or off-plane)
    • This is the cause of most swing flaws (over-the-top, casting . . .)
  • Muscle memory builds through consistent rep's
    • consistency is really tough when you have too many moving parts and you're not sure how your swing is supposed to FEEL

200,000 Golfers Choose the Swing Jacket

The Key To Your Success?

Get Your Swing Connected & On-Plane!

“The BEST connection device available “

“The BEST connection device available today! It has helped each and every person I have put it on.
Eric Schnelller, Director of Golf, The Ridge Club, S. Sandwich, MA

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Could It Fix Your Game?

Watch As Golfers Just Like You Get Instant Results!

Watch as amateur golfers just like you try the Swing Jacket for the first time. We show you their 'before' swings so you see their issues. Then they hit only 10 shots using the Swing Jacket. We show you all their shots (WARNING: Some of their shots are terrible). Then we show you their 'after' shots.

You judge for yourself if their swing looks better. You judge if they're getting the results you've always wanted. Decide for yourself if after only 10 shots with the Swing Jacket their bodies have already started to memorize their new powerful, accurate swing.

Like most amateur golfers, Brodie Hill knew what was wrong with his golf swing.  He realized his poor alignment and disconnected swing were causing the inconsistency that was ruining his scores. But knowing what the problem is does not mean you know how to fix it.  After 5 swings in the Swing Jacket he knew exactly what he needed to do.

Robert perfects a consistent swing

Robert's looking for more distance and the consistency it takes to bring home lower scores. He tended to hang back, so he wasn't getting to his left side, resulting in missed fairways and greens.  The Swing Jacket with TourStop technology let him FEEL how he needed to power through impact.

Metro Tries Swing Jacket

Metro is looking to ad more consistency to his game. Using the Swing Jacket has helped him to accurately hit each ball without having to think about all the swing mechanics.

Now you know why the Swing Jacket has been the #1 Training Aid for 16 straight years.


The Toughest Equipment Critics Speak Out

The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strikers.

Golf Digest Magazine

"It was an AH HA moment for me"

"Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. At a recent media event, I tried an innovative product called the Swing Jacket. I was very impressed because it’s the only product I’ve ever tried that physically guided me through a connected, on-plane swing, much like those you see on Tour. It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls."

Golf Tips Magazine

....Full Article

Five Star Rating

“It locks your arms in with your body so you’re forced to release the club with your body rather than with your hands and arms. It’s taught me how to take the club back straighter, and how to swing the club down properly from the top with my body. If you swing down with the hands and the arms, you’ll either shank the ball or top it. I’m definitely swinging on a better plane now. My clubface is staying square longer so I’m hitting the ball much straighter.”

Golf Magazine

....Full Article

Teaches You What A Great Swing Feels Like!

Top 50 Instructor, Explains How / Why The Swing Jacket Works

Donald Crawley, Boulders Golf Resort, Cave Creek, AZ


Ever Wonder Why Golfers Continue To Struggle?

The average handicap hasn't changed in over 50 years! All the amazing new technologies for equipment and instruction and the average handicap hasn't budged.  What's the problem?

The way golfers learn the golf swing haven't changed - ever. You get instruction, advice, try different training products but at the end of the day YOU have to try to consciously change your swing.  And for most golfers that doesn't work very effectively.

The 'problem' with traditional teaching methods is that all you get is information about your swing.  All the cool new analytical tools do is pour out reams of data about your swing.  Nice, but it's still up to YOU to figure it out.

In today's world, smart people put too high a value on their time and money to beat balls for hours hoping they'll figure it out. The Swing Jacket does all the thinking for you so you KNOW you're going to get great results.

What you actually want is to lock a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing into muscle memory. Right?

Feel a PGA Tour-level swing with the Swing Jacket NOW!

To give you a sense of what it's like to use the Swing Jacket, imagine stepping inside the body of a Tour player to actually feel the positions and sequences of a powerful, connected, on-plane swing first hand! Shot after shot with every club in your bag. That’s essentially what the patented Swing Jacket allows you to experience.

No more trial and error.

No more thinking about your mechanics.

You just swing … and the Swing Jacket automatically guides you through the correct motion.

What could be easier? Or more effective?

What Do PGA Tour Players Think Of The Swing Jacket? Click to find out

The Best Guarantee In Golf

Everything about the Swing Jacket is unique - including our Guarantee.  Every Swing Jacket comes with our incredible 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee.  We not only guarantee you'll be satisfied, that you'll love your results, that you'll feel it was the best golf purchase you've ever made but we guarantee you'll have a great swing when you use the Swing Jacket.

We are so confident the Swing Jacket will transform your game (longer, more accurately and more consistently than ever) that we back our Great Swing Guarantee with live, one on one telephone or video support from our expert teaching staff.

No other golf company offers a guarantee or support like this

So Are We Going To Make '17 YOUR Year?

Unlike any other product on the market the Swing Jacket physically guides you through each swing – so it does all the thinking, all the work for you.  Every other method of improving requires you to try to consciously change your swing;

We showed you the before, during and after shots of golfers using the Swing Jacket for the first time.  No other golf company can do that;

Top equipment critics have been told “if you can’t say something nice then …” That's why the Swing Jacket is the only golf training aid with published reviews by ALL the top golf publications;

The best golf instructors tend not to endorse training products yet you’ve read reviews by many of them here;

No other golf product offers direct one on one support from their teaching staff

Nor do they offer you a 60 day Great Swing Guarantee;

You want to play better golf don't you?  WAY better golf!

Join 100's of thousands of golfers who are playing the best golf of their lives using the Swing Jacket.  You work hard enough as it is.

You deserve to have a fast, easy way to learn and maintain a great swing.  Click on the "Start Now" button below right now.

You're going to be shocked at how fast and simple this is going to be.

For a limited time when you use Coupon Code "NEGM" you'll save $40  plus you'll receive all the bonuses list below at no additional cost.

Total Game Improvement Solution

Here is What You Will Receive:


      • Swing Jacket Tour Edition - Regular size fits men and women with chest sizes between 36" - 53" . Available in Right or Left Handed Models.

      • Small size fits 26" - 40" chest size (9 year old child to Men's M golf shirt size)

      • Swing for Life DVD - Customers tell us this is the most helpful golf DVD they've ever watched. Expect many AHHA moments as we explain how the Swing Jacket will help you get the most out of your game.


      • Accelerator DVD This powerful DVD will teach you the secrets Tour Players and top instructors use to interpret ball flight patterns for a better understanding of your swing and how to gain further improvement. (Value = $49.95)

      • TourStop Technology - allows you to customize your sessions for your game

      • Designer carrying bag

      • Unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee - no questions asked

      • Telephone/Video Support from our Expert Teaching Staff

      • Free Ground shipping anywhere in the USA


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