Hogan’s Secret To Playing Great Golf?


The video below explains the simple secret Hogan relied on and how you can train your body to repeat a Hogan-like swing . . .

Quickly – Easily – Automatically

The  Secret  Of  Hogan’s Success?

We studied the golf swings of the top ball strikers of all time – including Ben Hogan.

We discovered they all share two core fundamentals. The effortless-looking power and consistency they’re known for are built on these simple fundamentals:

On-Plane: Their swings stay on a consistent swing plane from takeaway through finish. Their swings are actually quite simple (so – they’re easier to repeat consistently).

Connected: Their arms move in sync with the rotation of the torso. Rotation generates centrifugal force = increased club head speed = the club releases naturally = square impact = the great distance and accuracy the best ball strikers are known for.

How Golfers Memorize A Better Swing Today

We all watched as Tiger struggled for years trying to regain his lost form.  He called the exercise of trial and error, different coaches, different swing thoughts, different . . . “The Process”.  Amateur golfers know all about it – we’ve endured it our entire golfing lives.

The “Process” isn’t very effective for most golfers.  We’ve come up with a far better way YOU can learn to consistently repeat a Hogan-like connected on-plane swing.  Basically, we’re going to force you to repeat a Hogan-like swing without YOU having to think about it.  Without YOU engaging in the ‘process’. 

The Problem With Amateur’s Swings?

Most amateurs’ are neither connected nor on-plane. They tend to slap at the ball with their hands and arms. Which saps power and accuracy while making their swings more complicated — so it’s tougher to repeat consistently.

You Have To FEEL ‘It’ Before You Can Repeat ‘It’

When you develop a Hogan-like connected, on-plane swing – a swing based on the core fundamentals of the best ball strikers .  .  . you’ll get results instantly – regardless of your age, sex, athleticism – no matter what.

When you FEEL how an efficient, easy-to-repeat swing actually feels AND you repeat it consistently — shot after shot – your body will memorize THAT swing in minutes.

Want Proof?  Watch Golfers Get Results While You Watch!

Watch as amateur golfers just like you use the Swing Jacket to get their swings connected and on-plane. We show you their ‘before’ swings so you see their issues for yourself. They then put on the Swing Jacket and hit only 10 shots. We show you all their shots (WARNING: Some of their shots are terrible) but when the Swing Jacket gets their swings connected – you’ll see the distance and accuracy they gained.

Then, after hitting only 10 shots using the Swing Jacket, we show you their ‘after’ shots.  Watch to see if their bodies had already started to memorize a better swing.  See if their swing looks better.

You judge if they’re getting the results you’ve always wanted. You judge if getting their swings connected and on-plane made the difference.  And then imagine how much your game could improve.

See why the Swing Jacket was chosen the #1 Training Aid

You Can’t Think Your Way To A Better Swing



GolfLife TV asked Golf Channel’s Jeff Ritter to test the Swing Jacket with amateur golfers

Al Instantly Cures His Persistent Slice

Al’s slice had plagued his game for 30 years. When the Swing Jacket put his swing on plane – his slice vanished which added 40 yards to his drives. Watch his before, during and after shots to see the transformation for yourself. *

Aspiring Tour Player

Mychaela is looking to gain more power and accuracy to compete at the highest levels.  As an accomplished player she was skeptical.  Listen to her impressions and see the impressive gains she enjoys in a matter of minutes. *

What Do the Experts Think of the Swing Jacket?

Toughest Equipment Critics At Top Magazines Test The Swing Jacket

“A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers”

“The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst good ball strikers.” Golf Digest Magazine

“One of the best” Four Star Rating”

“A leading cause of power loss is “disconnection” — the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many aids try to teach “connection” and the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement.”

Golf Magazine

*Individual results will vary based on factors unique to each golfer.  Every Swing Jacket is backed by our exclusive Great Swing Guarantee and the support of our expert teaching staff.

No Other Technology Lets You Feel How A Great Swing Feels !

Top instructor shocked when he saw the Swing Jacket In action

100’s of 1,000’s of Amateurs & 50 PGA Tour Pros Use The Swing Jacket To Get An Unfair Advantage.

Shouldn’t You Get An Unfair Advantage Too?

Feel a PGA Tour-level swing with the Swing Jacket NOW!

To give you a sense of what it’s like to use the Swing Jacket, imagine stepping inside the body of a Tour player to experience first hand the positions and sequences of a powerful, connected, on-plane swing!

Forget the ‘process’.  No more trial and error. No more thinking about your mechanics. Let the Swing Jacket do all that thinking, all that ‘work’ for you.

Here’s Why Golfers Continue To Struggle Needlessly

The only way to dramatically improve your game is to memorize a better swing. And the only way to achieve that is to consistently repeat THAT swing.

Until now every method of improving your game required YOU to consciously fix your swing. YOU had to figure it out for yourself.

Think about it. You take a lesson from a top instructor, study videos of your swing, a Tour Pro swing or instructional videos, you collect reams of data from the latest launch monitor, buy one of the gizmos that attaches to your club to show you your swing path, or you purchase any other training aid.

At the end of the day all you’re really getting is information. What you actually want is to lock a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing into muscle memory. Right?

Let’s continue the analysis. Assume the information you’re getting is exactly what you need to know. Now what?

YOU have to figure out how it relates to YOUR swing. Then YOU have to figure out how YOU need to change your swing in order to give effect to the advice. That’s not so simple given that the golf swing is the single most complex motion in all of sport.

But let’s assume the changes work for you. Great!

Now YOU have to figure out what you did and try to repeat it consistently enough to begin to lock it into muscle memory. And as you probably already know, it’s really difficult to repeat the same swing over and over. And even tougher to repeat next time out.

So all too often, you revert back to your ‘old’ swing and your handicap remains stuck right where it seems it’s always been.

Is it any wonder the average handicap has not changed in over 50 years? All the amazing new technologies for equipment and instruction and the average handicap hasn’t budged.

Traditional methods of learning the golf swing have never been all that effective for most golfers. And in today’s world intelligent people put too high a value on their time and money to beat balls hoping they’ll get a good result. They need to KNOW their time is going to be well spent.

How Long Will It Take For Your Scores to Plummet?

Take A Great Swing For A Test Drive Today

Interesting proposition don’t you think?

And that’s what we’re offering you.

An opportunity to FEEL how a connected, on-plane actually feels. A chance to experience the positions and swing sequences of a great swing while you launch monster drives and laser accurate shots with every club in your bag, shot after shot.

The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency from shot to shot and from session to session needed to lock your powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory. No complicated swing thoughts, no trying to figure it out on your own. You just put it on and let it do all the work, all the ‘thinking’ for you.

We know the Swing Jacket is going to deliver the distance, the accuracy and most importantly the consistency and confidence you’ve wanted since you took up the game. So we’ve put together an offer where we’ll take all the risk. We hope you’ll agree this is a no brainer.

First, we’re offering you the complete Swing Jacket package for less than the cost of a single lesson from a top instructor, less than the cost of a new hybrid or pitching wedge and less than the cost of those gizmos that will give you a bunch of info you won’t know what to do with.

Second, we’ll back your Swing Jacket with our incredible 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee. If you’re not hitting the ball longer, more accurately and more consistently than EVER, if you don’t feel like you’re on the cusp of shooting a personal best round or . . . heck if you get amazing results and you want to return it for no reason at all, simply return it and we’ll happily give you a full refund.*

Third, we’ll back that Great Swing Guarantee with support from our expert teaching staff. We expect you’re going to get results just like the golfers in the videos above during your first session with the Swing Jacket. If you don’t get great results it will be something simple in your set up that we can walk you through over the phone.

Fourth, we’ll up that support with video instruction from one of our instructors.  So you’ll never feel like you’re on your own here. 

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that will give you a sense of how effective the Swing Jacket is.

For a limited time save $42 Plus Free Shipping plus you’ll receive all the bonuses list below at no additional cost.

The Complete Solution for You Best Golf Game!

The Swing Jacket – This revolutionary technology has helped hundreds of thousands of golfers improve their swing.

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Choosing the Best Fit

To insure you choose the proper size, measure the circumference of your chest as diagrammed below.

Tip: If you are right at the 40 inch chest size either unit could work for you. If you are under the hight of 5′ 8″ the smaller unit will be more comfortable for you to use.

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