Are You A Few Swings From Your Best Golf EVER?

 Special Offer For Left Handed Golfers

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HOW Does It Work?

The Swing Jacket physically guides you through a connected, on-plane swing - perfectly. It does all the work, all the thinking for you. Stop thinking about what you're 'supposed' to do. Experience the FEEL of a simple, easy-to-repeat high performance swing as you hit full shots with any club in your bag. Shot after shot.


WHY Does It Work?

Muscle memory develops based on the quality and consistency of your reps.  When you're 'working' on your game quality & consistency aren't there yet.  The Swing Jacket trains your body in a fraction of the time by imposing the quality and consistency it takes to lock that powerful swing deeper and deeper into memory.


WHAT'S The Secret?

Most golfers have disconnected swings. That's why they lack power and consistency. A connected, on-plane swing keeps the clubhead square to your target through impact. Rotation builds centrifugal force (IE effortless clubhead speed) while harnessing the power of the big muscles at your core. It's that simple. 


What's The Deal?

Purchase a Factory Second Right Handed Swing Jacket for $100 + $9.95 S&H = total price of $109.95 (AZ residents subject to local and state taxes).

You have 60 days to watch our comprehensive training materials and use your Swing Jacket. 

If you're not sure if you're getting the most out of your Swing Jacket call to speak with one of our experts.

If you need additional help you will be invited to send us video of you using the Swing Jacket and we'll arrange a more detailed coaching session that may include a video conference.

If you decide the RH Swing Jacket is not right for you for any reason call or e-mail us and we'll e-mail you a return shipping label. Print the label and stick on your original box to return the RH unit to us at our expense.

On receipt of that unit we'll issue you a refund of the $100 you paid.  Thus, your total risk here is the initial $9.95 you pay for S&H.

When our next shipment of LH units arrives we will e-mail you an offer to swap your RH unit for one of the new LH units.  If you accept that offer we'll send you a shipping label to return the RH unit to us at our expense. We will apply the $100 you paid of the RH unit against the cost of the new LH unit and ship you a brand new LH unit.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why are these units called "Factory Second"?
Unit may have a minor fabric imperfection or stitching flaw (that won't affect performance or longevity).  Units that have been returned to us unused (someone receives the wrong size for example) are designated as 'seconds'.  

2.  Will Factory Second perform & last as long?
Yes.  The unit will perform exactly the same and last as long.

3.  What is the normal selling price of a Factory Second unit?
When we have seconds available they sell for $127.95 plus shipping.  We have a small number of 'seconds' currently since we just received a new shipment.

4. How long before I know if the Swing Jacket will help my game?
Our training materials are comprehensive.  It will take about an hour to watch our "Swing For Life" training video.  The last chapter of that video has drills we recommend you perform indoors.  If you get comfortable with those drills we expect you will hit the ball better than ever in your first range session with the Swing Jacket.  Yes - your first session.  And you'll see the improvement on the course.

5. How will I know when I'm swinging correctly?
You won't notice the Swing Jacket. One of the benefits of using the Swing Jacket is you'll notice it trying to correct your swing whenever you disconnect (IE get your arms away from your body) or you get out of sync (IE your arms are moving independently of, or out of sync with, the rotation of your hips / torso).  

6. How long will it take to receive my RH Factory Second?
We ship via USPS or UPS within 2 business days of receipt of your order.  You will receive tracking info to the e-mail address you provide in your order when the item ships.  Actual delivery times are beyond our control but should be 3 - 7 days.

7.  What if I want a full priced Right Handed Model?
No problem.  You may purchase a New Right Handed Swing Jacket at full price but we are not able to credit you the full price for the RH model should you decide you want to swap out that new RH unit for a LH unit when they arrive.

8.  Have you sold any RH units to LH golfers in the past?
Before we made this offer to you we sold new RH units to 4 LH golfers who couldn't wait for us to put this deal together.  All of those golfers have kept the RH unit.

9.  What if I want a Small RH unit?
No problem.  Please know that we do not and will not make a LH Small unit.  The cost of tooling and dies to produce a Small LH unit are too high given the market for a Small LH model.

Take A Great Swing For A Test Drive Today

Factory Second Regular Size, Right Handed

Swing Jacket + All Bonus Items $100.00 + S&H $9.95 

  • Fits a Chest Sizes from 36″- 53″ 
  • Includes Training Videos (On-Line Access)
  • Exclusive TourStop Technology
  • One-On-One Telephone Coaching -  Bonus
  • Video Coaching - Bonus
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

Factory Second Small Size, Right Handed

Swing Jacket + All Bonus Items $100.00 + S&H $9.95 

  • Fits a Chest Sizes from 26″- 40″ 
  • Includes Training Videos (On-Line Access)
  • Exclusive TourStop Technology
  • One-On-One Telephone Coaching -  Bonus
  • Video Coaching - Bonus
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

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