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Three Stages To Memorize A Good Swing

The golf swing is not a natural motion.  It's difficult to learn because it's THE most complex motion in all of sports. 
There are 3 stages to the 'process'
FEEL 'IT' - the only language your body understands is feel.  The lessons, books and videos talk 'about' the golf swing 

It takes disciplined the most complex athletic motion. You memorize your swing based on the quality and consistency of your reps. For most golfers   

  • No more grinding over dozens of swing thoughts
  • No more wondering if you're practicing the right stuff;
  • Any club in your bag. On the range or at home in 'stealth' mode;
  • What could be easier?

Why Most Golfers Struggle - Needlessly

Faster — Easier  — Automatic   

ost golfers get to a certain level and get stuck at that level. Nothing seems to help.    

Until recently the only way to improve was to engage in what Tiger calls “the Process” - beating balls trying to change your swing.  Clearly the 'Process' doesn’t work for most golfers.  Here's why:

  • It’s all on YOU. You read books, watch videos, take lessons but all you get is information 'about' the golf swing. Then it's up to YOU to change your swing - to engage in "the Process" 
  • Every swing is different – grinding through swing thoughts changing this, then . . . ?;
  • You’re never sure if you’re practicing the right stuff;
  • You're NOT consistent. Even if you’re on the right track consistency is tough to achieve;
  • Your body only understands FEEL. Teachers talk ‘about’ the swing or show how it ‘should’ look.  That's nice . . . but your body doesn't know how to translate that into a FEEL.
  • YOU are the problem?  Teachers blame you if you don't get results.  We offer a Great Swing Guarantee.  We guarantee you'll get results!

Memorizing A Powerful Swing Made Simple  

The Swing Jacket physically guides you through a simple, easy-to-repeat swing.  A powerful swing that produces the distance, accuracy and consistency you need to play your best. 

Because the Swing Jacket does all the 'thinking', all the 'work' for you this is the fastest and easiest way to train your body to repeat a fundamentally sound swing. 

  • FEEL - You FEEL what a powerful, accurate swing actually feels like shot after shot; 
  • Biomechanics - The Swing Jacket guides you through the optimal biomechanical motion;
  • Now You KNOW – If your swing gets off track the Swing Jacket instantly let's you know somethings off;
  • Focus - Suddenly you're focused on the FEEL of your powerful new swing rather than trying to change it;

FEEL 'IT'  —  REPEAT 'IT'  —  OWN 'IT'  

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Why Tour Pros Use The Swing Jacket

nd why you should too . . .

1.  It's ALL About Muscle Memory.  You want a simple, easy to repeat golf swing that's easy to maintain - yet delivers the results.  The Swing Jacket 'forces' you to practice the swing you actually WANT to take to the course.

2.  You Can't Cheat!  Tour Pros love that the Swing Jacket instantly lets them know when they gets off track (they get disconnected or out of sync).  So . . .

  • no more wasted time practicing the wrong stuff;
  • no more struggling to figure out what you're doing wrong;
  • no more aimless ball beating hoping for an epiphany; and
  • no more wasted time or money paying for instruction

3. Consistency. Your time and money are too precious to waste. The more consistently you repeat your swing the stronger the muscle memory. The Swing Jacket 'forces' you to practice with the consistency Tour Pros envy.

If It's Good Enough For The Best Players . . .

Why Top Instructors Use The Swing Jacket

is the only 'language' your body understands.  Recognizing that top instructors leverage the Swing Jacket for  . . .

1.  Instant Diagnostics.  Golf instructors must correctly diagnosis a student's swing issues to prescribe an appropriate 'fix'.  Because the Swing Jacket exposes issues in an instant top instructors have students make swings in the Swing Jacket to enhance their diagnosis. 

2.  Communication Breakdown.   Golf instructors can tell you all 'about' the golf swing or show you what your swing 'should' look like.  The challenge is translating those messages into the FEEL needed to lock in swing changes. Teachers use the Swing Jacket with TourStop technology to bridge that communication gap by allowing students to FEEL what how the swing is 'supposed' to feel. 

3. Practice Perfect-ly. Instructors will tell you privately their biggest frustration is students don't practice the 'right stuff' between lessons.  So each lesson begins back at square one.  When students use the Swing Jacket to practice between sessions they continue to make progress so each lesson adds incremental gains  

No More 'Working' On Your Swing

Why YOU Should Use The Swing Jacket

ou want results quickly, easily, automatically . . .

No more wasted time 'trying' to get better;

You want instant feedback and to know what that feedback is telling you; 

You want a swing you can count on.  One that won't take a lot of time or effort to keep razor sharp

You want play your best 'cause IT'S WWAAAYYY More FUN!


“I love your product!

It has done in 20 minutes what I haven’t been able to achieve in three years of practice! It’s true…this training aid really works!

After falling for every gimmick on the market I finally found a product that actually does what it says.

All of my golf buddies are amazed at my sudden “new” swing and they can’t figure out how I’ve done it.

I know I will have to tell them as these results are too powerful to keep a secret for long! “

Gary Wallace
Amateur Golfer, Waynesville, N.C.

Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year

“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics… they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.”

Bob McArthur
Heritage Point Golf Club

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Others Say About the Swing Jacket...

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