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Memorize A Powerful Golf Swing

Without wasting any more time at the driving range

Without having to figure it out on your own 

Golf training aid that guides users through the golf swing

The Swing Jacket Make It That Simple 

Why You'll Get Results: 

  • It physically guides you through each swing - perfectly!
  • You just swing and it teaches your body the correct way
  • You'll FEEL how a powerful, accurate swing actually feels 
  • You'll repeat THAT swing so much more consistently  
  • You'll develop muscle memory faster than ever
  • Instant feedback let's you know you're on the right track 
  • So you won't waste time practicing the wrong stuff
  • Training videos include distance & short game training 
  • Special 'at home' drills mean you can avoid the driving range 
  • Includes one-on-one telephone / video coaching
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee - you take no risk
  • For less than the cost of a pitching wedge 
  • Take a powerful, accurate swing for a 'test drive'


Swing Jacket trains your body 
   Without hours of practice
   Without swing thoughts


Shrink the time & effort to get results by up to 80%
It's shocking how easy this is!


Eliminates the cause of most swing flaws. A biomechanically sound swing delivers results.

Watch the videos above to get all the details

FIXswing flaws like:   

  • Over - the top - Swing Path
  • Casting - Early Release
  • Chicken Wings
  • Not Compressing Shots - Lag
  • Poor Rotation - Arm swing
  • Inside / Out - Outside / In Path
  • Weak Slice - No Power 
  • Not Releasing at impact
  • Flipping - Handsey
  • Bad Weight Transfer
  • Reverse Pivot
  • Inconsistency 

Will It Work For You?
Hear From The Experts  

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Ben Hogan - Golf Stance

Secrets Of The Best Ball Strikers

All of the best ball strikers share two core fundamentals: 

On-Plane: They stay on a consistent swing plane. The more simple your swing - the easier it is to repeat consistently.

Connected: The arms move in sync with the rotation of the torso. Rotation generates centrifugal force = increased club head speed = the club releases naturally = square impact = distance AND accuracy.

The Swing Jacket is the only golf training aid that guides users through a connected, on-plane, easy to repeat swing. Add the distance, accuracy and consistency that builds  confidence and makes the game more fun.

Take A Powerful Swing For A Test "Drive" Today

Who wouldn't want to test "drive" a better swing? 

  • FEEL the positions, the sequences & the raw power
  • EXPERIENCE the consistency - shot after shot
  • See how much distance & accuracy you gain
  • See for yourself how quickly your body memorizes it

Everything you've tried in the past required YOU to deliberately change your swing.  That's why it's been so difficult to get lasting results. The Swing Jacket takes a completely different approach - it does all the 'work', all the thinking for you - which is why it's so effective.

You won't believe how much distance, accuracy and pure joy you'll gain until you try it yourself.  We've put together a special package with everything you need to take your game to successively higher levels quickly & easily.

FEEL 'IT'  —  REPEAT 'IT'  —  OWN 'IT'  

We Guarantee It Will Help Your Game

Swing Jacket Benefits

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Others Say About the Swing Jacket...

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