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Accuracy &

#1 Swing Issue Solved!  

Easiest Way To Fix Any Swing

The Swing Jacket physically guides you through each swing - perfectly.

FEEL how a powerful, accurate swing FEELS.

Repeat THAT swing so consistently

Muscle memory develops in no time

Forget all those swing thoughts. Let the Swing Jacket do all the thinking, all the 'work' for you.

golf swing trainer offers one swing slice fix

Why golfers struggle needlessly!

Lessons, books, magazines, videos etc. give you information 'about' the golf swing.  But your body only understands FEEL.  Right?

Until now you had to translate all that information into deliberate changes to your swing.  Hours are wasted on the range searching for the FEEL of a better swing. 

Muscle memory is a function of the quality and consistency of your rep's.  Because you can't be consistent when working on your swing it's a long and painful 'process' to improve.    

golfer mid-swing using Swing Jacket golf training aid showing how he creates impressive lag and swing speed

This is HOW You Learn

 FEEL 'IT' - That's how your body learns. 

REFINE 'IT' - Real time feedback lets you know how you're doing. 

REPEAT 'IT': The more consistent each rep the faster your body memorizes it.

OWN 'IT':  Confidence (and your play on the course) improves in a fraction of the time.

golfer mid-swing using Swing Jacket golf training aid showing how he creates impressive lag and swing speed


The Swing Jacket is the most effective training aid every because it gives you feedback during each swing.  Whether you're making practice swings at home or hitting full shots on the range you're building muscle memory.

100's of 1,000's of customers and countless Tour players tell us the feedback they get from the Swing Jacket is the reason they rely it to keep their games sharp, year after year. 

Your pals will be shocked at the transformation of your game - longer, more accurate - shot after shot.

Golfer using training aid to eliminate his slice in a single swing

Don't Struggle Needlessly

perfect golf swing sequence using Swing Jacket golf training aid

The golf swing is NOT a natural motion.

But it can be simple and easy to repeat when everything's in sync.  You harness the power of your core. You automatically square the clubface at impact. 

When your swing is not 'in sync' power and consistency suffer. Your swing becomes more complex. Consistency suffers.

You experience for yourself what optimal sequencing actually feels like.  When everything works together your results will amaze.  FEEL 'IT' & REPEAT 'IT' consistently locking that swing into muscle memory.  

Experts Review The Swing Jacket

Top rated instructors, experts from the all popular golf magazines and thousands of Swing Jacket users all reach the same conclusion. The Swing Jacket delivers where most teaching methods fail.  You'll GET 'IT' when you try it for yourself.

Top Golf Instructor's Review: Best Golf Trainer

Dan Pasquariello, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

“Golf isn’t all that natural a game . . . it's an acquired skill! [The Swing Jacket] is the best golf training aid that I have ever encountered since it allows the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback…!!!”

Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor's review: The Swing Jacket help golfers eliminate swing flaws

Donald Crawley, Golf Digest Top 50, Boulders GC, Carefree, AZ

“I’m always trying to accelerate the pace of learning for  students. . . the Swing Jacket is a great  resource to communicate the correct feel. It takes away a lot of hitting balls . .."

Top Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year's Review - Swing Jacket keeps golfers on the proper swing path

Bob McArthur, Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year

“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers don't have to think about mechanics . . . they just swing and the Swing Jacket keeps them on the correct path.”

Golf Magazine's Review: Best Golf Swing Trainer for one plane swing

 "Five Star Rating" 

"It taught me how to swing the club down properly from the top.  I'm definitely swinging on a better plane now. My clubface is staying square longer so I'm hitting the ball much longer & straighter.Golf Magazine  

Image of Golf Tips Magazine Swing Jacket review

"It was an AH HA moment for me"

"... it's the only product to physically guide me through each swing, much like those you see on Tour. It was literally teaching my body what a correct swing feels like as I was hitting balls. Having tested hundreds of golf products . . . that was an AH HA moment". Golf Tips Magazine

Amateur golfer's review: Swing Jacket is The Best Training Aid EverAmateur golfer's review:  use the best golf training aid to improve golf game

4.  Test Drive 'IT' RISK FREE

The Swing Jacket guides you through a simple, flaw-less golf swing.  So when you order your Swing Jacket today you'll get a chance to Test Drive a Great Swing. 

See how much further you'll hit every club in your bag.  Measure how much more accurately you'll hit every shot.  See the dramatic increase in consistency and post lower and lower scores.  Then, and only then, will you need to decide it's the right product for you.

The Swing Jacket comes with access to our comprehensive training materials and our ingenious TourStop technology.  Customers tell us the training materials alone were worth the price of the Swing Jacket.  TourStop technology gives you the ability to fine tune your Swing Jacket experience and dial in a razor sharp short game too.

The Swing Jacket is going to become your personal instructor, on call 24/7.  You'll continue to use it to tune up your game for as long as you play this great game. 

Got a big match coming up or need a quick tune-up? Your Swing Jacket will get everything dialed in. 

Ready to take your game to the next level? Your Swing Jacket will get you there in no time.

5.  60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

We're so confident the Swing Jacket will work for your game we're the only golf training product to offer an unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee.  AND we back that guarantee with one on one support from our expert teaching staff. 

You'll have 60 days from the date of your order to measure how much further and more accurately you're hitting it.  60 Days to watch your handicap fall.  If you decide the Swing Jacket is not for you . . . no problem . . . return it for a full refund no questions asked.  

It's your chance to join hundreds of thousands of golfers who are shooting lower and lower scores using the Swing Jacket as their coach.  Choose your size below and get ready to amaze your buds. 

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 Right Handed, Large/XL size
Fits Chest Sizes from 38″- 53″ 

Regular Price = $199.85

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  • Includes
  • Everything you need to get fast results 
  • Bonus: Training Videos (On-Line)
  • Bonus: TourStop Technology 
  • Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching Support
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Rush Shipping available for added  fee
  • Ships fast - max 2 business days
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

Right Handed, Small/Medium size
Fits Chest Size from 26″- 41″ 

Regular Price = $199.85

Black Friday Special  $129.95

  • Includes
  • Everything you need to get fast results 
  • Bonus: Training Videos (On-Line)
  • Bonus: TourStop Technology 
  • Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching Support
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Rush Shipping available for added  fee
  • Ships fast - max 2 business days
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

Left Handed, Large/XL size

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  • Send an e-mail to and indicate you'd be interested in the Left Handed version when it's available. We will give you advance notice and special pricing when we have a firm delivery date. 
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