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How To Permanently Fix Your Slice 

Why You Hit A Slice

You hit a slice because your club face is open relative to the path it's travelling along at impact. The glancing blow puts sidespin on the ball - making it curve. The path your club is travelling along doesn't matter.  It's ALL about the face angle relative to the path.

Hitting a slice robs you of distance and consistency so it's costing you strokes every round.

The real question is why is your club face open at impact?  Golf instructors would have you believe they have a cure-all that fixes any golfer's slice.  If that was true why do 75% of golfers still slice their drivers?

This 3D rendering shows this slicer’s down swing is on a different path than his back swing

This 3D rendering shows this slicer’s down swing is on a different path than his back swing

You've Been Getting Bad Advice

The reason YOU continue to hit a slice is unique to you and your swing.  

Swing 'flaws' such as over-the-top, outside-in, casting, chicken wings, reverse pivots etc. are NOT the underlying cause of the club face being open. They're symptoms of the fundamental problem that must addressed to fix both your slice AND the swing flaws.

When your swing gets disconnected (IE your arms are moving out of sync with or off-plane from the rotation of your torso) your body reacts by trying to get the club back in position.  Each of those swing flaws is an example of the clever ways your body re-routes the club club face has nothing to stay square with.

So the REAL issue that causes you to slice the ball (and coincidentally produces all of the most common swing flaws) is disconnection.

This 3D rendering shows this slicer’s down swing is on a different path than his back swing

This 3D rendering shows this slicer’s down swing is on a different path than his back swing

Why It’s Hard To Fix Your Slice

Humans are incredibly athletic and that natural athleticism is at work during every golf swing. The instant your swing gets disconnected or off-plane your body recognizes that your club is out of position and intervenes, mid-swing, by re-routing your club in an attempt to get it back into position. Swing flaws are examples of the clever ways your body tries to re-route your club mid-swing.

As long as your swing is disconnected and/or off-plane you will struggle to cure your slice because at a sub-conscious level your natural athleticism will continue to intervene mid-swing − frustrating your efforts to cure your slice. When you consciously try not to come-over-the-top or cast or chicken wing etc. you’re actually fighting against your own natural athleticism. That’s why you seem to make progress while you’re completely focused during practice but you revert back to your old patterns when you get out on the course.

The Swing Jacket Fixes The Root Cause of Your Slice − Instantly

The Swing Jacket Automatically Trains Your Body To Stop Slicing By Guiding You Through A Perfect Swing

The Swing Jacket does all the thinking for you. You just swing and let it train your body to repeat your optimal swing.

With the Swing Jacket you will:

  • FEEL the positions and sequences of a perfect golf swing;
  • REPEAT that swing shot after shot;
  • HIT full shots with any club in your bag;
  • EXPERIENCE consistently hitting it long and straight;
  • LOCK that swing into muscle memory forever
  • STOP working against your natural athleticism;
  • STOP wasting time and money trying to figure it out;
  • ADD 30 to 50 yards and the accuracy you’ve been missing

Al Had Tried Everything to Fix his Slice.

The Swing Jacket Cured It In A Few Swings

Al had suffered with a weak slice for decades. He’d tried everything – lessons, books, Video’s, swing aids – to fix it. Nothing had worked. He agreed to try the Swing Jacket when we promised we’d cure his slice in less than 10 swings.

The Swing Jacket is so effective you can watch as it fixes Al’s slice in real time. We show you Al’s ‘before’ shots so you can see his ‘old’ swing and we explain his issues. He then tries the Swing Jacket for the first time. No coaching, no practice shots, just a few practice swings while the camera rolled. Then, after he hit only 10 shots with this amazing technology, we show you his shots after his Swing Jacket experience.

Enough time to eliminate Al’s slice and the swing flaws associated with it?

Enough time for his body to start memorizing the new swing?
Enough time to add up to 50 yards to his tee shots? You be the judge.

What Do the Experts Think of the Swing Jacket?

“A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers”

The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strikers.”

Golf Digest

“One of the best” Four Star Rating

“A leading cause of power loss is “disconnection” — the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many training aids try to teach “connection” and one of the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement. It is particularly good for golfers who come over-the-top because it won’t let you disconnect.”

Golf Magazine

"After 10 swings I was hooked”

“For me to be a true believer I had to test it myself and test it on others with different swing flaws. . . With all honesty I was somewhat skeptical about the aid as I thought it would be cumbersome and swing restrictive, but after ten swings I was hooked. . . The higher handicap’s terrible cast move completely went away . . . The female beginner could feel a real golf swing for the first time. . .”

New England Golf Monthly

“It was almost too good to be true”

How in the world can this thing possibly work? Let me just say it now, this ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market. After just a few swings it really is amazing. Not only is it simple to use, it actually works . . . It immediately fixed my swing”

Golf Digest

Three Slicers − Three Different Swings − One Simple Solution

Lonnie was in the dirt so often his pals called him ‘Pig Pen’. Watch his violent slice disappear as he gains 100 yards and 80% in accuracy after only 4 swings using the Swing Jacket. It’s the transformation we’ve come to expect.

Ken was convinced we couldn’t cure his weak slice. 3 swings later he’d added 40 yards with a subtle, accurate draw. He was shocked, but for us, it was just another day at the office and another successful Swing Jacket mission.

Ian M. had no idea what he was doing right or wrong. He did know the cost of replacing broken windows of houses bordering the fairway. His slice and looking for balls was embarrassing so he didn’t play as much as he’d like.

The Solution Is So Simple When You Fix the REAL Problem

The results you witnessed in the videos above are typical of first time Swing Jacket users. In each case their ‘before’ swing was disconnected or off-plane. And in each case their natural athleticism recognized there was no longer a need to re-route the club when the Swing Jacket guided them through a connected, on-plane swing. They each added 30 to 50 yards because they hit every shot flush. And so will you.

The exciting thing about the Swing Jacket is that solving your slice is just the beginning of your improvement. The Video’s you’ll receive show you how to take your game to successively higher levels of skill and consistency. They also explain how the Swing Jacket will help improve your short game, those challenging half wedge shots and your bunker play. The practice drills for using the Swing Jacket at home will help you can keep your game sharp between rounds even if you only have time to make a few practice swings at home.

Your time and money are too precious to waste trying to figure out the swing. And its way more fun to hit it long and straight. Let the Swing Jacket make the game really simple for you.

The Best Value Proposition in Golf

The Swing Jacket costs about the same as a couple of lessons from your local teaching pro, a new hybrid or the latest pitching wedge.

Unlike those other items the Swing Jacket could cut your handicap in half in less than 10 rounds and it comes with an Unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

If you don’t see dramatic, Holy Cow, results immediately you can return it for a full refund.

This Special Package includes:

The Latest Swing Jacket Tour Pro Edition PLUS

- Swing for Life Training Video
- Accelerator Video (Easy Online Access)
- Tour Stop Technology
- Carrying Bag
- Support From our Expert Teaching Staff
- Great Swing Guarantee
- Free Shipping

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Others Say About the Swing Jacket...

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