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Simplify Your Game

How will the Swing Jacket Work for you?

The Swing Jacket is uniquely effective because it is the only way to improve your game that does not require you to consciously change your swing.

Think about that for a second. 

If you take lessons from the top PGA teachers, if you study golf books, DVD's, videos and magazines, if you use any other golf training aid you not only have to decide what parts of your swing you need to change, you also have to consciously make that change. 

When you're trying to think your way through the swing your mind is preoccupied, making it difficult to:

a) swing consistently and

b) focus on the feel of your swing. 

That's why golf handicaps have not changed in over 20 years in spite of the huge advances in technology. 

The Swing Jacket is more accurately described as a learning technology because it does all the thinking for you

Arm cuffs slide along scientifically shaped rails. By connecting your arms to the rotation of your torso the patented rails automatically keep your swing on plane and on the optimal swing path.

For the first time ever you're going to FEEL the same key swing positions of the best players in the world with every swing you take. Your results improve instantly. 

The Swing Jacket trains your body – automatically. 

Every swing you take with the Swing Jacket

  • Is on the ideal swing plane
  • Tracks along the optimal swing path
  • Moves in sync with the rotation of your torso
  • Harnesses the power of your core
  • Is the picture of consistency
  • Trains you to release the club like the Pros

You'll be amazed at how effective the Swing Jacket is. Golfers understand that practice makes permanent - not perfect. 

The challenge of locking a swing into your muscle memory with every other method is the lack of consistency. 

The Swing Jacket makes each swing so consistent your muscles memorize the motion in minutes. 

The connected, one plane swing the Swing Jacket teaches will deliver results far beyond what you presently think you're capable of.

The Swing Jacket does all the work for you.

The Swing Jacket has been engineered to guide you through the same key swing positions as the best players in the world.

Now you know your positions

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Others Say About the Swing Jacket...

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