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Can A Training Aid Help Your Game? 

The golf swing is not a natural motion. It's said to be THE most complex motion in all of sports.  We learn the 'correct' motion and the complex sequencing a good swing requires by actually experiencing it.  Muscle memory comes from reps - the more consistent the rep's the faster and stronger the muscle memory.

The right training aid can help you FEEL how the swing is supposed to feel - and then help you repeat that motion more consistently than you can on your own - building muscle memory quickly - easily. 

More Distance, Accuracy & Consistency . . .  

On the range at Tour events you'll see dozens of training aids being used by players and their coaches. Tour players use them to accelerate learning and improve the consistency needed to develop muscle memory. 

Most amateurs struggle to make lasting improvement because they don't know what a 'correct' swing FEELS like.  Because practice sessions lack the consistency needed to build muscle memory they struggle - especially with consistency.

Tom Pernice (pictured above) uses the Swing Jacket to confirm his mechanics are correct and impose the consistency he needs to play his best.   

How To Choose The Right Training Aid  

Training aids can be broadly classified based on how they're used or what they're focused on. Some things to consider . . . 

1. Full Swing or isolated training?

Most training aids focus on a single aspect of the swing - lag, release etc.  A limited number like the Swing Jacket take a wholistic approach by training golfers to develop a better overall swing.

Each of the elements in your swing (legs, hips, shoulders, arms, hands) are inter-related.  As a result, focusing attention on one area of the swing can lead to unintended changes in other areas that causing different issues.      

2. Can you hit golf balls using the device?

Few training aids allow the user to hit full shots with their own golf clubs.

Muscle memory builds based on the quality and consistency of your reps.  The Swing Jacket guides you through each swing as you hit full shots with any club in your bag.  When you the full sensory experience of hitting it long and straight - shot after shot you build confidence and consistency.    

3. Provides direct feedback?

Most training aids fail to provide feedback on how well the user is executing.  Others (such as clubs you can hit balls with) provide feedback based on how well you hit the ball.  

The Swing Jacket gives you immediate feedback that lets you KNOW you're on track or where & how if you're not.  How many times has your game fallen apart and you have no idea what's changed or what you're doing wrong? Swing Jacket users don't waste time practicing the wrong mechanics.    

4. Comprehensive Instructional Materials?

Most training aids, especially those that have a singular focus, provide basic "How To" instructions but don't speak to how it fits into the bigger picture. 

The Swing Jacket's world class training materials include clear reference points that will not only help you get the most out of the product but also an understanding of how to self diagnose your performance when you play.

5. 1 On 1 Support - Training 

1-on-1 support is rare in the golf industry and especially so when it comes to training products.  The Swing Jacket's comprehensive training videos provide such a solid foundation for your success we are able to back our 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee with 1 on 1 support - so you've got a resource you can count on if you have questions.

6. Warrantee / Guarantee

Most training aid vendors hide contact / customer service info behind many layers of frustration. 

Most training aids come with a 30 day return 'window' - half of which could be spent before the item arrives. Worse, many  guarantees are voided if you open the package.

The Swing Jacket comes with an unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee and our contact info is on the bottom of every page of our site.

Videos below explain how much you have to gain and how easy it's going to be.


Automatically train your body to memorize a powerful swing:
   Without hours of practice
   Without more swing thoughts
   Without the usual frustration

Click image above to watch video


Learn why leveraging your natural athleticism shrinks the time and effort it takes to get results by up to 80%
It's shocking how easy this is!

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Eliminate the cause of most swing flaws & develop a bio-mechanically, sound, flaw-less swing quickly & easily. Watch it in action. Judge for yourself.

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The Easiest Way To Train Your Body

– FEEL – 

Your body understands FEEL.  You won't get 'IT’ until you feel 'IT'.  With the Swing Jacket guiding you through each swing.  You FEEL 'IT' shot after shot.

– REP’S –

Muscle memory builds on the quality & consistency of your rep's. Rep's with Swing Jacket are far more consistent than you can achieve on your own. 


Knowing if/when you get off track is key to building confidence. The Swing Jacket instantly lets you know if you get off track. No more wasted time.  

Need more information?  Scroll down for reviews by Tour players, top instructors and golfers like you.  Watch TV hosts test it live on unsuspecting amateurs. 

The Swing Jacket Guides You Through A Simple Easy-to-Repeat Swing - Perfectly!

How quickly would your body memorize a better swing if you were  'forced' to repeat it consistently? 

The Answer?  A single session.  Here's why:

  • It guides you through each swing - perfectly
  • SO: No more grinding over swing thoughts;
  • It does all the thinking, all the 'work' for you;
  • SO: You focus on FEEL vs mechanics 
  • You instantly feel it if you get off track;
  • SO: You KNOW when your swinging correctly;
  • Training videos teach you cause & effect
  • SO:  You 'know' your game & how to fix it;
  • It 'imposes' the consistency needed to build muscle memory;
  • SO: Each swing locks your powerful, effortless-looking swing deeper into muscle memory;
  • There is no faster or easier way to get results

FEEL 'IT'  —  REPEAT 'IT'  —  OWN 'IT'  


“This is the best training aid I’ve used and I’ve tried them all.”

“I wrote this e-mail for all those people who are, like I was, wondering if the Swing Jacket is for real.
Well it’s the real McCoy alright. I am almost 2 clubs longer, probably 30+ longer off the tee but for me the best part is my consistency.”

John Smithers
Amateur Golfer, Cincinatti, OH

Why Tour Pros Use The Swing Jacket

nd why you should too . . .

1.  It's ALL About Muscle Memory.  You want a simple, easy to repeat golf swing so it's easy to maintain - yet delivers the results.  Tour Pros like the way the Swing Jacket 'forces' you to practice a fundamentally sound swing.

2.  You Can't Cheat!  Tour Pros love that the Swing Jacket instantly lets them know when they get off track (EG: they get disconnected or out of sync).  So . . .

  • no more wasted time practicing the wrong stuff;
  • no more struggling to figure out what you're doing wrong;
  • no more aimless ball beating hoping for an epiphany; and
  • no more wasted time or money paying for instruction

3. Consistency. Your time and money are too precious to waste. The more consistently you repeat your swing the stronger the muscle memory. The Swing Jacket 'forces' you to practice as consistently as a Tour Pro.

Click video above to learn why Tour players rely on the Swing Jacket

If It's Good Enough For The Best Players . . .

Why Top Instructors Use The Swing Jacket

is the only 'language' your body understands.  Top instructors leverage the Swing Jacket for  . . .

1.  Instant Diagnostics.  The Swing Jacket instantly exposes swing issues. The best teachers use the Swing Jacket to enhance their diagnosis. 

2.  Communication Breakdown.   Golf instructors use the Swing Jacket with TourStop technology to bridge that communication gap between talking 'about' the swing and having students actually FEEL what they're trying to teach. 

3. Practice Perfect-ly. Students rarely practice the 'right stuff' between lessons. When students practice with the Swing Jacket between sessions they continue to make progress so each lesson adds incremental gains.  

Click video above to learn why top Instructors rely on the Swing Jacket

No More 'Working' On Your Swing

Why YOU Should Use The Swing Jacket

ou want results quickly, easily, automatically . . . Right?

You want a swing you can count on to deliver all the shots - on demand; 

You want instant feedback to know when you get off track;

And to know what that feedback is telling you AND how to address it; 

You don't want to waste any more time 'trying' to get better;

You want a resource you can rely on to help you stay sharp for as long as you play the game;

You want a swing that's easy to maintain so you don't have to practice to stay sharp; and

You want to play your best 'cause IT'S WAAAYYY More FUN!

First Time Users Caught On Camera  

Click video above to watch GolfLife TV test the Swing Jacket while you watch

The Best Value Proposition In Golf
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  • Everything needed to get fast results 
  • Bonus: Training Videos (On-Line   
  • Bonus: TourStop Technology 
  • Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching Support
  • Free Ground Shipping
  • Rush Shipping available for additional            fee
  • Ships fast - max 2 business days
  • 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee

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