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The Easiest Way To Train Your Body

– FEEL – 

Your body understands FEEL.  You won't get 'IT’ until you feel 'IT'.  With the Swing Jacket guiding you through each swing.  You FEEL 'IT' shot after shot.

– REP’S –

Muscle memory builds on the quality & consistency of your rep's. Rep's with Swing Jacket are far more consistent than you can achieve on your own. 


Knowing if/when you get off track is key to building confidence. The Swing Jacket instantly lets you know if you get off track. No more wasted time.  

TV Show's Shocking Swing Jacket Test

Click video above to see their results

First golf aid that I have purchased. Instructional videos make this work. Going to the golf range with this on felt strange but the results are fantastic! Moved from a handicap of 23 to 19 in no time. Hitting it much straighter and longer too!. Buy this product rather than pay for lesson.

Works as advertised. You don't need to take it to the driving range. Work out in the garage or living room. Stay connected.

Why Tour Pros Use It

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 The Best Players Rely On It . . 

YOU Should Too

ou want results quickly & easily. Right?

You want a swing you can count on; 

You want feedback if you get off track;

And how to address it; 

You don't want to waste time or money;

You want a resource to help you stay sharp;

You want a swing that's easy to maintain; 

Play your best IT'S WAAAYYY More FUN!

The swing jacket forces you to make a turn vs. swing your arms. It Really works! I started hitting the ball so much better in just a few sessions with the swing jacket. At first I was clumsy in it but then I relaxed and just let the jacket steer me. Additionally, the training videos are some of the best remedial golf instructions I have ever seen. They alone are worth the price.

Golf Mag's Rave

Golf Magazine's Review: Best Golf Swing Trainer for one plane swing

 "Five Star Rating" 

"It taught me how to swing the club down properly from the top.  I'm definitely swinging on a better plane now. My clubface is staying square longer so I'm hitting the ball much longer & straighter.Golf Magazine  

Image of Golf Tips Magazine Swing Jacket review

"It was an AH HA moment for me"

"... it's the only product to physically guide me through each swing, much like those you see on Tour. It was literally teaching my body what a correct swing feels like as I was hitting balls. Having tested hundreds of golf products . . . that was an AH HA moment". Golf Tips Magazine

Power + Accuracy + Consistency In Minutes


5 Reasons You Must Try The Swing Jacket  

  • It does all the work, all the thinking for you
  • It guides you through each swing so you FEEL it
  • FEEL is the only language your body understands 
  • Consistent reps builds Muscle Memory quickly
  • Get results without leaving home

60-Day "Great Swing"  Guarantee
Great results or your money back 

Incredible Value

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Regular Size, Right Handed Fits Chest Size from 36″- 53″

Regular Price $ 197.85
Sale Price  $137.85

  • Includes
  • Everything needed to
          get fast results 
  • Bonus: Training Videos
         (On-Line Access)
  • Bonus: Tour Stop
  • Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Ships fast - max 2
           business days
  • Rush shipping available
          for extra fee
  • 60 Day Great Swing

Small Size, Right Handed
Fits Chest Size from 26″- 41″ 

Regular Price $197.85
Sale Price $137.85

  • Includes
  • Everything needed to
           get fast results 
  • Bonus: Training Videos
          (On-Line Access)
  • Bonus: Tour Stop
  • Bonus: 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Ships fast - max 2
            business days
  • Rush shipping available
           for extra fee
  • 60 Day Great Swing

Regular Size, Left Handed
Fits Chest Size from 38"-53"

Temporarily Out of Stock

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